Thanks to social media, we are able to connect with people around the globe. Being a fan means that you’re part of something, that you belong. 

People don’t want to be marketed to, they don’t want to be sold to, they want to be social. People buy from people who understand and relate to them. In the age of Marketing Rebellion, consumers are smart, they can see through an ad.

Every business is in the business of trust. No one trusts a logo.

It’s time to think like a fan.

Turning Fans into InfluencersAs a human — what do YOU like, how do you behave, who do you follow on social media, and why do you trust them? Who do YOU sing the praises of with your ‘human  hat’ firmly on?

As a business – be human:

  • Listen and learn
  • Love and embrace social as a community
  • Find your voice and give more than you get
  • Use software and automation to be more human
  • Never stop learning

Why do we spend a few seconds liking a like, or loving a love, or hurrying a quick reply to a positive comment, yet hours deliberating over a negative comment? Change your mindset. Spend your time loving your audience!

Love your fans by

  • Acknowledging them
  • Engaging with them
  • Amplifying them
  • Celebrating them

Reshare their stories on Facebook and Instagram, love their posts, comment on their comments, listen to their story and celebrate with them.

Amplifying your fans is so important. There is only ‘so much’ you can say as your brand without being repetitive, however sharing your fans stories in which they have actively gone out of their way to tag you is amplifying their recommendation, the love for your brand.

If your fans see other fans being celebrated, they will be encourage.

Show you care.

Being an influencer does not mean that they need 100,000 followers. It has to do with the amount of trust that they have with their audience. To influence is being able to inspire someone to take an action, based on your actions, your words or the trust they have with you.

  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
    Ellen Gomes

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