I have been surprised that, in this ‘day and age’, many small businesses question the value of a website.

This is particularly concerning. While social media channels may be deemed essential in the online marketing mix, they are considered a ‘rented’ space. You don’t own your followers and you can’t control the numerous algorithm changes that affect your message getting through to them.

Social media reaches those people standing at a bus-stop wasting time, or sitting on their sofa waiting to be entertained. Don’t under estimate eager customers that want you, but haven’t found you yet. They are actively searching ‘organically’ through search engines. They will be looking for your voice, your hub. Make sure it is easy to find, easy to navigate and you tell them exactly what they need to know.

Simply, my views on a business website:

This is your golden goose. This is the holder of your story, your public profile, your personality. It needs constant nurturing. It needs considered content aligned with your marketing strategy. Ultimately, all social activity is to softly lead them away from the social noise and into a personal space were you can have an uncluttered conversation and grow our relationship (e-news database). For SEO, content needs to be key word rich, relevant and fresh.

Can you relate to these business stances?

I don’t need a website, I’ve got a Facebook page:

A recent example I found was a local cafe. They had a Facebook page, regularly updated – nice. As a potential customer however, it was impossible to find out their menu, if they catered for gluten free, if they provided outsourced wedding catering, if bookings were essential. They didn’t have their own website. Remember – Facebook delivers a flow of posts (which may, or not be seen, even by followers) but it is not a directory. Facebook can change overnight (and oh yes, it does regularly). Your website remains as you choose, with the information you choose, in a flow and format you choose.

I have a website, surely that’s enough:

Yeah, no. No!  It is not enough to publish a website then walk away. Your work has only just begun. Unlike a business card, it isn’t something you set then wander off thinking ‘great I’ve ticked off that box’.  After all a website (no matter how complex or how incredibly simple) needs to be ever-changing. As subtle as fresh content, and as deep as unearthing and addressing customer insights, you have work to do. Not hard work. Think of it of being proactive and proud. Your customers and search engines will love you.

Oh, and if your website isn’t ‘responsive’ then you are in a bit of trouble. Varying by industry, websites are viewed 50/50 if not more on mobile (including tablet devices) vs laptops, then your website better be. Not? Time for a review. Contact Me

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  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
    Ellen Gomes

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