Social Media channels have an array of real-time analytics available. The trouble is, many businesses just aren’t measuring.

Pre-digital marketing used to be considered ‘fluffy’ or even referred to ‘the colouring in department’. Quaint as that may sound, the marketing team wasn’t as able to monitor, test, report on and analyse the effectiveness of marketing spend in real-time.

But we can now and we should regularly.

Why aren’t businesses measuring social media success?

The odds are, they just don’t have time. Or, they do, but can’t justify the time when it comes to gathering, reporting on and analysing freely available statistics. It’s seen as more work, a bit geeky and a whole lot of numbers.

How do they know if social media is working for their business?

They don’t. They are merely ‘being present’ on social media, somewhat blindly and hoping it is better than not featuring at all. 

Let me quickly debunk two social media myths for you:

Myth#1: Digital Natives are natural born Social Media-ites

While the younger generation may live and breathe social media as a consumer and immerse themselves in numerous social media platforms on a personal level, this doesn’t automatically correlate to being a natural born marketer, producer and analyst for your business.  The latter set of skills need to be developed.

Myth#2:  Senior Management know the true value of Social Media

Many CEOs and senior managers that I speak with have a limited knowledge of social media. They may undervalue social media because there are no facts and figures to presume otherwise. That’s why social media measures are so important. If you don’t have the time or the skill set to measure it, get someone who can help you.

If you are not measuring your social media channels and reporting back to the business (or yourself as self-employed) with clear analytics, converting them into opportunities and ROI, no wonder Senior Management under-invest in social media!

How do you measure Social Media?

Every social media channel you are likely to use in business terms offers analytics. Take Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn for example. If you have a Business Page, comprehensive information will be available freely to you.

Number crunch and you’ll drill down per month/week/day or post to ascertain the reach, engagement, behaviour, demographics and location of your audience. Results can sway how you approach your next campaign, what budget to asign, identify opportunities, cross-sell, A-B test…the list goes on.

Measure and record. Keep your data in a spreadsheet so you can map your success and celebrate (or commiserate) your achievements.

There is no excuse. If you do not care about the measure of Social Media success and how it can help refine your marketing strategy, I throw my virtual hands up to the sky and sigh loudly, before asking: “Why are you on social media again?”

If you need some help with this, contact me.


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