Accessing Creator Studio

Finally, we no longer need to use third-party tools to post to Instagram from a desktop! Facebook has released its own solution, the Creator Studio…and it’s free!

Facebook’s Creator Studio function is rolling out now. Many people have access to Creator Studio now, but not everyone. If you are one of the latter, be patient and wait until access is granted.

Previously, posting to Instagram from a mobile hasn’t always been convenient nor easy. Uploading images or video which weren’t held on your mobile has been problematic at times, as too with large files, let alone attempting to schedule Instagram posts. It was all getting rather time consuming and many Instagram users were utilising third-parties to schedule posts for them.

Instagram hasn’t enabled scheduling posts from Instagram.com however the new Creator Studio, which lives on your Facebook dashboard, will. You can now schedule both Instagram and IGTV videos, and regular Facebook posts there.

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Hiding Likes

Just when you thought you had it sorted, Facebook is poised to make further changes.

We’ve seen Instagram (also owned by Facebook) recently trial hiding the number of likes that a post receives. Instagram users still see a list of who has reacted to a post, but the total number of people who have reacted is no longer showing.  The owner of the account who posted the content still gets to see the full analytics, however. This was rolled out to six countries since Facebook’s announcement in May – and New Zealand was one of those.

It looks like, according to some reports, that Facebook has the same code ‘hidden’ in the wings, ready to roll out the same inhibiting factor on the Facebook channel itself …. at some point, maybe.

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Social Media Marketing Funnel

Whether you are a small business or self-employed, here are 5 Steps in the social media marketing funnel you need to take note of.

Spoiler alert! Read these 5 Steps, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Straight into it:

#1.     Figure out where your customers are and go where they are. Choose your audience with the means and motivation to want your services/product. If no one is interested, move right along and refine your audience until you find your niche. Don’t try and sell to anyone who’s not interested. You are wasting their time and your efforts.

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Facebook Changes, May 2019

As you will be aware, Facebook (owners of both Facebook and Instagram) regularly makes changes to newsfeed algorithms in the spirit of improving their social networks for their users.

Key changes include Relevance Score and History Removal (plus a few others that I’ve picked out for you).

As a member of the public with a personal Facebook page, changes come and go with little impact.

As many businesses rely on Facebook within their marketing mix it’s important to keep up with key changes.  Review and amend your marketing strategy accordingly to reach your audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

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