How’s social media going for you? Are you bamboozled with the rapid change of technology, overwhelmed at the resource time it takes or underwhelmed at the results?

It may be time for a social media health check.

If you are a business who has a range of social media handles but you’re really not sure if it’s worth the hassle, resource time and money, you’d benefit from a Social Media Audit.

I have spoken to many clients who have ‘found themselves’ on Social Media, and not particularly in an uplifting type of way. They may have created accounts several years ago and after a flurry of posts for the first month it has been left abandoned or they no longer see the value in resources being ‘tied to’ social with no obvious results.

Management may be doubtful of the significance of social media, a chicken-and-egg scenario, where budget is not allocated nor investment in strategies are seen as a priority for the business.

They may be overwhelmed with the number of social media channels, their purpose and relativity to their business to achieve objectives.

This is the first step in assessing needs and wants.

Social Media Audit

The purpose of this audit is to review the brand’s current social media channels with the objective of identifying opportunities to improve its digital presence in the New Zealand market.

The process involves a snapshot of ‘the now’ and proposes recommendations for improvement, with priority given to the steps required for good housekeeping to ensure robust digital platforms are firmly in place.

  • Digital Analysis (web and social media) – traffic, demographics, referrals
  • Recommended social media channels and purpose – are you where your audience is?
  • Recommended content pillars – what should be included your content calendar
  • Social Media policy & guidelines – what underpins how your brand behaves online
  • Roadmap & comprehensive Action Plan – where to from here?

As a result of this one-off report, the action plan can be undertaken by the client themselves, or they may choose to utilise Julie’s services to complete on their behalf.

To Progress

After a no-obligation telephone chat, you’ll be asked a few simple questions which will enable the Social Media Audit to begin.

Social Media Audit

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