Content Creation

Online content is not about stale words, just as social media is not about talking at your consumers. Online marketing should include living, breathing and engaging content to drive your brand's awareness and loyalty through connecting to the core of your audience.

Odds are, you know that already and that's why you are here looking for content creation!

I'm a photographer, DIYer, foodie, crafter, creative and copywriter. I create bespoke content solutions for my clients and have a lot of fun along the way!

What sort of content does this involve, you may ask? In short, photography and copy with a few cheeky boomerangs thrown in.


Whether a food product, a kitchen utensil or a garden tool (to name a few), my style is to shoot photography in natural light where possible, in natural setting -- food prep if required, props, styling and photography is all included. I have an eclectic collection of all sorts of props available for use.

If recipes are required, I can adapt or create to incorporate your product.  As a recipe writer for years, your bespoke recipe is tested, prepped, styled and photographed by me. I provide a multitude or formats to fit any likely situation. Professionally written recipe instructions are also provided as part of this service.


I love to capture real people in real settings. If this involves putting on my Red Bands and climbing on a quad bike, even better.

Craft & DIY

My passion for crafts, upcycling and glue-guns all come together with my craft content. Step by step photography and a full 'how do' copy is created for you. This is handy if you wanted to do any upcycling of packaging, for example.

With the assistance of the handiest man in the Waikato (my hubby, Jel), together we create, upcycle and produce an array of DIY projects.

Content Inspiration

If you are 'stuck' with ideas, come and talk to me. I can assist in pulling together a content calendar for you to help guide you.


What we do at Digital Armchair Online Marketing

  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
    Ellen Gomes

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