Two-thirds of your marketing is occurring without you – customer driven content, word of mouth, social media and reviews.

Let’s face the truth. The customers have become the Marketing Department.

It is the end of advertising control. Consumers (yes, humans just like you) are fed up with remarkable promises and twisted untruths. Customers are tired of the shouting and the nonsense. They are tired of being told to suck up the corporate line. They can see through it all.

We are entering a world where customer loyalty is in decline. 80% of customers shop around and why shouldn’t they!?

Customers demand respect, and rightly so: their lifestyle, their choices, their time, their privacy.

Marketing Rebellion - Be More Human

Masses are choosing to live:

  • Ad free
  • Loyalty free
  • Funnel free

Now what for marketers?

  • People make emotional connections to a human, not a product
  • Many of your customers are potentially unreachable by advertising
  • There may be no sales funnel
  • The customer is the marketer

Who do people trust?

Each other. People trust their friends, their tribe. Everyone is an influencer. They don’t need a special badge nor 50,000 followers.

Marketing is a human activity. It always has been. With the advancement in technology, marketers have become too distracted with shiny new things instead of people. It could be said that many businesses have ‘lost the plot’. Marketers need to go back to basics to clearly understand the wants and needs of their customers.

Social media promised dialogue but has been hijacked by marketers who have been using it as a broadcasting tool. They didn’t mean to be so intrusive and ‘shouty’ but the noise they once made on television, radio and in newspapers, moved to a new platform. No wonder consumers are rebelling!

We need to remember that marketing is still ‘all things human’. We no longer have a mass-audience. Think of it like groups of islands. Some islands are large and you can see them from space, others are virtually impossible to find or inhabited by very small communities. Inhabitants exist there quite happily, surrounded by their friends and like-minded others, often exploring other islands but generally quite happy to thrive in their chosen community. 

You can’t buy your way in to your customers’ world — you need to be invited to their island.

To be a successful marketer in 2019:

  • Make the customer the hero. Understand their ‘why’.
  • Remember that the customer is the marketer.
  • Marketers need to help people belong. Bring people together.
  • Be more human.

Humans make judgement calls based on warmth and competency. Brands are people too and exude personality.

Humanising your brand starts from your business. Your brand culture is your marketing. If you don’t get your culture right, your marketing will reflect this. No more pretending. Be human. If your brand needs a good talking to, make changes to become a better brand. Then you can be human and communicate honestly with warmth and competence.

Your customers are willing to forgive your mistakes if you give them peak experiences to remember along the way.

Read more about how to be more human: Who Are You? What’s your Story?


  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
    Ellen Gomes

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