Keep an eye on Instagram’s ever changing developments – such as the change in image and video dimensions. They may work in your favour, particularly when repurposing online content.

Staying Square

Traditional users will enjoy the ‘tried and true’ and stick with Instagram’s square format. This continues to be a perfect 1:1 ratio shown at a maximum of 600×600 pixels, as it has since the beginning. You can however load an image at 1080×1080 pixels – it will be scaled down to display at 600×600 pixels regardless. However as more screens become high in their pixel density, you’ve got the future covered.


You may have already discovered that Instagram has opened up their platform to allow both portrait and landscape orientations. This is wonderful news as it helps repurposing images a whole lot easier, although there are some constraints to be aware of.

Given that Instagram is a mobile dominated network, most users will want to see their images in a portrait view (whether images or videos alike). The habit of holding phones means that portrait provides a better UX (user experience).

The maximum display size currently is 1080×1350 (which is a 5:4 ratio).

You can upload your image to Instagram and, before posting, rather than opting for their automated square format, click this reformat button (shown in the image). Clicking it will show it’s original formatting (ie: portrait or landscape).

This works wonderfully for portrait and offers a different experience for your followers too. Do it!


To be honest….I don’t recommend this format, if you can help it. portrait or square allows to cover the most amount of screen real estate. Landscape on the other hand, is resized to fit square and but looks odd with lots of space above and below it. ie: it looks like you’ve tried to repurpose something not fit for purposes (which is true, right!?).

Instagram Stories

Because having conformity would be easy (I jest), the entire screen is used for Insta Stories. Therefore allow 1080w x 1920h pixel area (a 16:9 ratio).

portrait format on mobile





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