Email newsletters are a critical part of marketing.  If you have a growing email database, just how do you write a killer email newsletter?

It’s all about content and context.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, a good old email was a fabulous and fast alternative to a good old letter. It still remains today, the one of the only places where people are in control, not algorithms. Your subscribers have actively made the effort to sign up and receive an email from you. They can easily opt out too if disappointed.

This blog post isn’t about the killer headline and what proportion should be text or images, it’s about words.

  • The most important part of the newsletter is the ‘letter’
  • Write as if you are writing to one subscriber
  • Develop your ‘tell’
  • Make your story a good one

How to write a killer email newsletterWhat are the attributes of a good email campaign?

Newsletters are generally looked upon as ‘news’. It forms part of a distribution strategy for content, usually housed on a website. When preparing an email newsletter, most writers think of the things that are important to communicate. THINK MORE about the letter itself.

  • Make the content useful and conversational.
  • Make sure it’s sent from a real email address (not a no-reply@ address).

What do the recipients want in a email newsletter?

  • Less promotion, more information.
  • Make it about ME (the customer), not YOU (the brand).

Hints to write a killer email newsletter

  1. Remember it’s a letter, just in email form. Make it personal, make it conversational. Write as if you are writing to one subscriber, regardless if you have 5,000 on your database. To help you do this, pick a person you know well and write as if you are writing to them. 
  2. While it is a one way communication at the point of clicking ‘send’, encourage a two-way dialogue. Ask how you (as the writer) can help your customers. Emails can be viewed as the original social network, the first way to communicate with your customer and encourage a direct response.
  3. What need does the newsletter fill, for the recipients? Does it provide latest information, latest gossip, is it technical? Find the style and tone that best fits that need – but back to point #1, make it conversational. Lose your ‘marketing voice’ and write as a human. Add humour, be conversational.
  4. A newsletter isn’t like a book. Get to the point quickly. Add value. Don’t waste people’s time. In saying that, people don’t mind scrolling through your email newsletter to find their favourite segment.
  5. What is your ‘tell’? What is your personal point of view that is recognisable by readers that the email newsletter is from you, to signal that you’re human? Is it signing off with a ‘Hug your mum’? Do you always finish off with a joke? Are you obsessed with coffee and have a ‘coffee of the week’ segment, regardless of your subject matter? Do you always run a giveaway, give shout-outs to new customers?
  6. How long should a newsletter be? Should you use an emjoi in the subject line? Try it, test it, analyse the open rate.


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  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
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