Are you constantly stuck for ideas of what to blog about or post on social media?

Most of us have a hard time coming up with content ideas. Some ideas are random, some are awesome, some are difficult to pull out of a hat when you need them.

Coming up with a content idea is not a magical thing, it requires a focus and a format to create a content plan.

Without further a-do, here are some great ideas for you to mix and match to include in your Content Plan, regardless of whether you offer a product or service.

Creating a content planHow to Create a Content Plan


All ideas can generally fit one of the following:

  1. FEATURE – where the focus is a person: who are they, what do they do, what is there ‘why’?
  2. OVERVIEW – provide basic information
  3. DEEP DIVE –  detailed information, everything about a topic, evergreen (ie: can be used over again)
  4. HISTORY – looking back, background , brand origin, evergreen
  5. DIY – teaches a process, is useful, evergreen
  6. RESOURCES – curator of useful links, other peoples research, updateable and repeatable
  7. RESEARCH – new and original info, study, audit or survey, uncovering new trends
  8. PRODUCT – customer education, product information, branded
  9. EXAMPLE – a case study, customer story, a testimonial
  10. OPINION – a review, ranking or other opinion, from your expert perspective ‘our favourite’


Some of these formats may be a ‘stretch’ for you, depending on your passion, skill and equipment you have available to you.

  1. WRITTEN – long-form, blog posts, interview
  2. AUDIO – podcasts, audio interview, environmental
  3. VIDEO – prioritised on social, webinar, long-form, short-form
  4. INFO GRAPHICS – charts, graphs, illustrative data
  5. MAP – geographic context, a unique way to plot a story
  6. GAME/QUIZ/TOOL – helpful, tool
  7. LIST/ROUNDUP – collection or ranking of items (eg: 12 ways to be more productive)
  8. Guide/Ebook – single topic, everything you need to know
  9. SLIDE SHOW – related imagery, visual list, visuals and text
  10. TIMELINE – show change over time, trends


Let’s say you’ve chosen Focus 4 (History) and Format 9 (Slide Show) and about to create a blog or social media post. This combination is not a one-time-only experience! Try repeating the same focus and format but adjusting the relativity as a multiplier. Eg: history + slideshow + relative to your founding year; or history + slideshow + relative to last winter etc.

  • Year
  • Season (winter, summer, spring, all)
  • Life stage (newborn student, newlywed, retiree)
  • Budget (free, cheap, under X)
  • Resources
  • Situation
  • Demographic (men, kids, family)
  • Complexity (easy, advanced)

Once you have brainstormed these ideas, be sure to add them to your Content Calendar!


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  • One of the best ways to sabotage your content is to not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.
    Ellen Gomes

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