If you own a small NZ business you may be pondering the need for your own social media channels too.

Do you really need them?
The odds are EXTREMELY likely that you do.

Which social channels best suit your business and audience?
Let me briefly explain the top social media contenders in New Zealand.

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Facebook Changes, May 2019

As you will be aware, Facebook (owners of both Facebook and Instagram) regularly makes changes to newsfeed algorithms in the spirit of improving their social networks for their users.

Key changes include Relevance Score and History Removal (plus a few others that I’ve picked out for you).

As a member of the public with a personal Facebook page, changes come and go with little impact.

As many businesses rely on Facebook within their marketing mix it’s important to keep up with key changes.  Review and amend your marketing strategy accordingly to reach your audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

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Out of 10, how would you rate your business commitment to Social Media?

1 = Commitment? It just looks after itself, doesn’t it?
10 = I’m all across it. On to it, hourly!

After selecting which social media channels best suit your business, it’s time to look seriously at your commitment. Social Media is not ‘just a campaign’ with a splurge of activity for a week or a month, it is a commitment that takes time, resource and consideration.

Let’s quickly touch on budget, resource, content and buy-in.

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Social influencers

What are Social Influencers, exactly?

A Social Influencer can be a powerful string to your social bow.

An influencer is a individual who has loyal followers within a particular niche on social media, in which they actively engage.  Potentially, their audience are your potential customers too.

They are influential because they may have a knowledge or certain authority on a subject matter, or have a personality that is valued by their audience, which in turn can affect lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions.

Not only are social influencers great marketing tools, they are people too! Success revolves around a good social relationship between themselves, their audience and brands they choose to support or collaborate with.

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How to run a Giveaway on Social Media

This catches a few people out. I can’t reinforce enough how, as a Kiwi business, you must have terms and conditions for every giveaway, competition, sweepstake raffle or business card draw.

Oh, and there’s Facebook regulations too!

Firstly, you need to have terms and conditions readily available, within coo-ee, of your giveaway. Whether this be at your stand at a Business Expo or online, you need to provide specific information.  Usually the hairy details are provided in a ‘terms and conditions’ page on your website that is referenced at the ‘point of entry’ew.

So let’s break it down in to ‘specific terms’ and ‘general terms’.

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Let’s say you have an amazing piece of content on your website. You are using all your available channels to promote and send traffic to it. Which channel is most effective at driving traffic to that landing page?

You’ll benefit from a URL tracker. Also referred to as UTM code, it is a wonderful piece of code that can be tailored specifically to help track where website traffic comes from once the link has been clicked upon.

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Social Media Audit

How’s social media going for you? Are you bamboozled with the rapid change of technology, overwhelmed at the resource time it takes or underwhelmed at the results?

It may be time for a social media health check.

If you are a business who has a range of social media handles but you’re really not sure if it’s worth the hassle, resource time and money, you’d benefit from a Social Media Audit.

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Social Media channels have an array of real-time analytics available. The trouble is, many businesses just aren’t measuring.

Pre-digital marketing used to be considered ‘fluffy’ or even referred to ‘the colouring in department’. Quaint as that may sound, the marketing team wasn’t as able to monitor, test, report on and analyse the effectiveness of marketing spend in real-time.

But we can now and we should regularly.

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portrait format on mobile

Keep an eye on Instagram’s ever changing developments – such as the change in image and video dimensions. They may work in your favour, particularly when repurposing online content.

Staying Square

Traditional users will enjoy the ‘tried and true’ and stick with Instagram’s square format. This continues to be a perfect 1:1 ratio shown at a maximum of 600×600 pixels, as it has since the beginning. You can however load an image at 1080×1080 pixels – it will be scaled down to display at 600×600 pixels regardless. However as more screens become high in their pixel density, you’ve got the future covered.

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